Rodney Brown

A son of Thunder Bay, Rodney has built a career singing roots, rock, reggae and kids songs exploring sounds and recording lbums that reflect each phase.

With a career spanning 40 years he has released 11 albums and tours across Canada the US and the UK. Rodney plucked his first
guitar strings at the age of 7 and he hasn’t stopped since. He is a distinctive artist with a unique talent for bringing Canadian history, especially the stories of the north, to life.

Rodney has donned many musical personas but these days he writes mostly about his home on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Pot Holes of Thunder Bay written for his hometown is a hit on the internet and at his many local shows. His songs paint evocative pictures and combined with excellent musicianship and the skills of a veteran performer Rodney has earned a dedicated and growing fan base.


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