Specialized Departments.  With headquarters in Toronto, the AFM has specialized departments to assist our Canadian members and local unions:

Touring, Theater and Booking
Electronic Media
Freelance Services
Other specialized services for Canada

Insurance.  As a professional musician, you depend upon your instruments and equipment.  Just think of the exorbitant costs of replacing equipment if it is lost or damaged.  Most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance is not enough to protect from loss, theft or damage on location.  Thus the AFM provides access to Equipment Insurance, wherein your instruments and music-related equipment are protected from vandalism, breakage, water, fire, lightening and theft up to the full replacement value.

AFM members are protected if they are injured during a performance by signing up for the Professional Liability Insurance.  The AFM also provides access to Out of Country Health Insurance for musicians traveling outside of Canada.

Pension.  The American Federation of Musicians’ and Employers’ Pension Welfare Fund is one of the largest pension funds in the entertainment industry, and each year millions of dollars are paid out to participating musicians.  For detailed information and an application, visit  You can also download a Summary Plan Description, which highlights the Plan’s features and helps you understand how the Plan works.

Automatic Registration for Possible Royalties.  The AFM advocates the rights of musicians in their live and recorded performances in the United States and Canada and other countries, and where it deems appropriate, collects and distributes government mandated or other compulsory royalties of remuneration that are subject to collective administration.  For more information, visit

AFM Canada Master Card.  Created exclusively for AFM Canadian members, this credit card can be used on all your everyday purchases.

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