Mark Potvin

Hmmmmm Started guitar at 7……. wanted to be a heavy metal guitar god….. ha ha ha ……. Started singing at 27……….. never played a gig till I was 29. Pretty much never stopped gigging since then(I think I’m a late bloomer). I’ve opened for some great acts such as, Colin James, Blue Rodeo, Paul Shaffer, Denny Dougherty, Lamont Cranston and Lighhouse. Played at the 2005 Thunder Bay Blues Festival. I love all things nostalgic…. especially Jazz and Blues. My songbook ranges from the `20’s to the `50’s and includes anything from Robert Johnson to Thelonious Monk. I was the guitarist for The Magnus Theatre Musical Production of The Little Shop of Horrors – September 2007. Check out my webpage for more examples of my music!! Mark also plays with a full band that is spectacular!

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