Flipper Flanagan’s Flat Footed Four

In 1967, Brian Thompson and Bob Balabuck formed a four piece folk group that became known as Flipper Flanagan’s Flat Footed Four. After seeing a string of guitar and bass players come and go, Jamie Gerow and Jack Wall joined the band in the early 70s . They became known for their use of varied genre: bluegrass, Celtic, rock, folk and their irreverent sense of humour. In the last two decades they have recorded original material that reflects their love of Northern Ontario. They have just finished a sold out Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration at Magnus Theatre.

Members:             Jamie Gerow, Bob Balabuck, Jack Wall, Brian Thompson
Musical Genre:    Celtic Appalachian
Contact:                Jamie Gerow 807-622-3098
Website:               www.flipperflanagan.com
Facebook:            www.facebook.com/flipper.flanagan

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