David Petrash

As a musician, singer and songwriter I have been involved in music all my life. I was Born into a musical family. My mother was a singer and poet, my father was a musician.

I started music lessons on the accordion at age 5 and studied for over 10 years finishing the Palmer Hughes accordion course. I then went on to study theory for a few years and eventually taught myself other instruments such as guitar, bass, piano, and drums.

I went on to teach music in various private music schools for over 10 years. It was during this time that I started performing in bands with friends and other musicians. We played at almost every bar, hall and outdoor event in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas entertaining crowds of all ages. I also performed in large venues such The Fort William Gardens and the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. We opened for artists as CMT recording star Beverly Mahood, CMT recording star Jason Kirkness, rock group Prism, Jeff Healy, and country star Trace Atkins.

I also had the opportunity to play with some of the most notable musicians here in Thunder Bay in various rock groups, country rock groups and wedding dance bands such as Channel, The Sonny Brite Band, Cruisir, Clockwork , New Vegas, Scott Skirving and Skyward and many others. Recently I have been performing with Waylon and Triple Overdrive.

I was commissioned to write the musical score for Magnus Theatre’s one man play The Shipbuilder as well as auditioning for CLBT-tv for star search. I had the privilege of publishing my first book called Words (a personal profile of some of my best song lyrics back in 1992) and will be writing my second book soon. I have also helped arrange and perform as keyboard player and rhythm guitarist on the CD “Shine On” for Sandra Lori Allen.

Music has been and will always be a part of my life. I continue to grow as a musician in everything I do and at my age there is no stopping me.


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