Chuck Sandford

Chuck Sandford started his musical life at the age of five when his parents bought his first guitar and gave it to him for his birthday. He did not learn how to play at that time but started gigging on Halloween of that year when he was asked to sing a song for his Halloween treat.

His first band at age twelve was in his hometown of Fort Frances. The band name was Rubber Frequency and he was the lead singer. He started taking music class in grade nine playing trombone. His music teacher was Ralph Whetstone, a former Canadian Navy conductor.

By the end of grade 12 he was playing first chair in the senior concert band. During high school he also played guitar for The Young Canadians, and trombone for Cesium 55, the pep band. After high school he moved to southern Ontario and did not play again until he returned to Thunder Bay and met Roman Picco, Lorne Clifford and Rob Johnson. Chuck was now playing drums. They formed Hot Leftovers and were the bar band at The Brown Street Station for two years playing nearly every Friday and Saturday. Rob Johnson left the band and was replaced by Dave Koski on guitar. Charm Skool dropouts was formed and performed in Northern Ontario for the next few years. Today he is freelancing playing drums and of course still has a day job.

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