Brother John

The members of Brother JOHN have been playing in the Thunder Bay music scene for many years, in local bands such as Bay Street Blues Band and Southern Comfort and with touring artists such as Heather Dale and Rita Chiarelli.  We have been performing as Brother JOHN since 2012.  We play as a duo or as a trio depending on the venue. All ages appreciate the toe tapping rhythms, the heartfelt singing and the wide variety of music Brother JOHN is able to present.  The brother JOHN sound is based on acoustic guitars and a variety of percussion enhanced with slide guitar and harmonica.

Genre:           Folk, Reggae, Blues, Classic tunes and originals
Members:     Dave Jonasson, Ted Hamil, Greg McIntosh, John Stadtlander

Contact:         Ted Hamill
Phone:           807-577-1794
Mobile:           807-684-3265


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